Electric vehicles

European electric vehicles market is the largest in France and highly developped in Norway and Germany. In France the number of electric vehicle users is twice as big as in Germany. Thanks to the locally implemented shared services in the cities, France become an important user of electric vehicles mobility services. The public policy in France consist of promoting those who purchase new cars with the lowest CO2 emissions. Moreover, every year there is an award presented to the local authorities to the electric vehicle infrastructure developpement.

Energy management

The progressive developpement of this infrastructure create a new needs of appropriate energy management. In this context architecture of EVCCA proposes a missing component to EV mobility services that aims to respect the private energy network issues.

Charging station management

In order to respect the maximum authorized power of a private network, it is necessary to establish and distribute to its charging station management system an EV charging planning based on a local consumption and charging station consumption.

The interaction with EV mobility systems and other systems, EVCCA can analyse external factors as a weather conditions, the number of clients etc, which have an impact on the energy management. Following a determinated charging capacity, a charging station management system has to deal with a different charging priorities of electric vehicles. System can easily define charging permissions, priority and price management.

The efficient energy sourcing management based on demande response management and is an appreciable result to local authorities and their energy supplier.

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