Behavioral science 

behavioralGridPocket has developed its products on a behavioral science basis while also collaborating with Mines ParisTech University for thermal building analysis. This product has been validated through an important one-year pilot project, the project Grid teams in 2011, which identified a way of how to change and adapt the behavior of electricity consumers in the city of Cannes, region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. As a result behavioral project has won the Numeric green developpement award…    Continue reading 


Machine to machine

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 11.36.54GridPocket’s software and middleware solutions are developed on machine to machine technology based on ETSI M2M and oneM2M standards. These protocols assure an interconnectivity features of a platform, which therefore enables a connection of any type of devices. Thanks to the compliancy features, an interaction with different modules of the platform enables to propose a various service, as like data mining, statistical analysis etc… Continue reading 


Big data

A deployement of smart meters in Europe and worldwide means an appearance of  structured and unstructured energy data, that need to be stored, integrated, retrieved and analysed for which original high performance computer systems and algorithms have to be designed and evaluated. Continue reading 


Electric vehicles charging software

electric vehicles
European electric vehicles market is the largest in France and highly developped in Norway and Germany. In France the number of electric vehicle users is twice as big as in Germany. Thanks to the locally implemented shared services in the cities, France become an important user of electric vehicles mobility services.   Continue reading