PowerVAS™ M2M Platform

Internet Of Things platform

Internet of things platform

The new platform PowerVAS is based on the global oneM2M and ETSI M2M standards. This is the first solution to combine high performance large scale data analysis, machine events handling and behavioral science to enable electricity, gas and water utility value-added services with unprecendented levels of applicative flexibility, consumer commitment, and usage insights.

In the architecture of PowerVAS separate modules are integrated together to assure the secure energy data collection, structured and unstructured data storage and treatment, horizontal scaling, user interaction and programmable control. PowerVAS, as a dynamic platform, offers diverse and personalized functional solutions.

This core platform is extended by GridPocket and thirty party applications for data analysis, demand-response management, open data services, electric vehicle charging, renewable energy production and the award winning GridPocket’s EcoTroks consumer engagement application. These applications are fully customizable and distributed via partnerships with leading energy distributors, equipment manufacturers and utilities worldwide. GridPocket proposes a software developpement kit to enable independent vendors to create and commercialize new energy-related applications.

Use case : Connected home 

When you are not home, you start to have a doubts in your mind about the tasks that you have possibly forgotten. Did I turn off all the water faucets? Did I check the gaz? Are my children doing their homework or playing video games?  One of the possible answer to all this questions is the connected devices and an interface, where you can check it all. With PowerVas and its applications layer you can quiet all these worries with quick glance at your smartphone or laptop.

PowerVAS platform supports millions of interconnected smart home devices in order to collect and store the energy data in an NoSQL database for easy access by different platform modules.  Secure connections and data collections are protected by service capability layer module, which manages the application layer access to the platform by checking authorization rights. 

smart homes

The gateway service capability interacts with end-devices to control them and transfer action requests. 

A device, smart home or any object which uses smart meters and plugs is able to get connected to our system. It enables us to: 

  •  view mesures of a smart meter on the interface
  • recognize the consumption of each device
  • automatize control comands via an interface
  • monitor and take control over devices

Energy BigData analytics in Time Series Lab platform

Energy data transfered from PowerVAS platform are treated by cloud-computing platform, which is capable to provide several analysis as consumption profiles clustering, real time smart grid diagnostics, dissagregation of specific usage areas and future performance planning as some of the approaches enabling effective demand response management for utilities. Together with energy application layer it is capable to provide a whole portfolio of applications for energy, healthcare or device control.

 Energy applications layer 

 EcoTroks Smart grid analysis  EV charging SW  Open energy data  Device control
The Behavioral energy efficiency application, which enables customers to have energy consumption insight. The system rewards customers with EcoTroks points for their energy efficiency behavior.
The applications providing big data analysis reports concerning smart grid condition, demand response management and condition status. Capable of providing consumption profiles & forecasts.
The intelligent electric vehicles charging application, which respects the electricity load in private network and charging station areas and define charging plannings for each charging station.
The open data application for public institutions to provide a public access to their energy consumption data. The data can be downloaded and application proposes open API for developers.
The home devices programmable control, wind turbines control, electric vehicles control. GridPocket’s PowerVAS platform is capable of providing you with a control over your devices.

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