A secured multi-device compliant and efficient energy management system 

The three level architecture of energy management solution combines the multi-device connectivity platform PowerVAS, SmartGrid Big Data analysis platform and Energy Application Layer.

The connectivity platform provides a secure open standards compliant architecture, which respects a data privacy requirements of energy consumers and smart meters owners.The platform proposes secure connection support for millions of  smart meters in households, companies and public buildings. The platform store the encrypted raw energy data and transfers it to the SmartGrid bigdata analysis platform.

The big data platform is based on professional statistical algoritms which are capable of providing information that interfaces with the energy application layer of GridPocket and partners.


Our products and services are based on bidirectional advantageous system, which:

  • supplies the smart grid condition analytics to energy utilities,
  • performs demand response management,
  • engages a portfolio of utility clients to adopt an efficient consumption behaviour,
  • strengthens customers’ loyalty

The energy application layer provides user interfaces for interact with our data platform, which are designed to propose value-added services to our clients and their customer’s portfolio. These services are energy consumption analysis, energy efficiency green nudge to your clients, demand response management, peak load shifting, electric vehicles intelligent charging respecting your  electricity grid, public buildings open energy data interface and more.

Product portfolio designed for Energy Utilities and their clients, Energy saving companies, Energy saving equipment manufacturers: 

 EcoTroks (Clients behavioral energy efficiency application, virtual shop and energy currency) for the perfect customer engagement and demand response management


eef product

 BigData platform (SmartGrid analyses  – Data collection, storage and analysis)


bd1 BDX

Product portfolio designed for Software integrators, energy utilities, Energy saving equipment manufacturers, Public institutions 

 M2M connection (Machines connection, monitoring, analysis and action + software developer’s kit)


 M2M energa

 Electric vehicles charging software (EV charging stations control, SmartGrid Analytics)


 OpenData platform (coming soon) for public institutions, which enables an access to public institutions energy data and proposes API to developers