Water efficiency and ressource management


On the 17th July GridPocket presented its EcoTroks solution in London Water Efficiency conference. This event was focussed on water efficiency from a practical, operational perspective. Following an examination of UK water resource challenges in light of the submitted Water Resource Management Plans, all presenters described techniques and solutions in a broad range of categories under the domain of water efficiency; regulatory, economic, design, behavioural, technological.

GridPocket as an expert in behavioral energy efficiency explained the usability of EcoTroks in water efficiency. The positive reinforcement tool is designed to bring user to an energy efficient behavior and to provide a feedback to energy utility about its network. The collective experience of this diverse group of water efficiency experts represents a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in applied water efficiency. This event appealed to sustainability and water management professionals, the industrial/business community, academics, green entrepreneurs and policy makers.

Original source: Aqua Enviro

GridPocket at Innovative city 2014

IC_200x200_fb_2The subject of recent Innovative city conference 2014 on 25-26 June was The numeric platform. Several solutions were presented and discussed concerning data services, virtual reality, 3D technology for private buildings or public areas modelisation in the way to simplify the energy transition. The new technics of buiding management has revealed different ways to extend the life cycle of buildings and improve energy usage. This precious know-how sharing had for objective to manage and limit the impacts on the environnement. GridPocket participated to this conference by demonstrating its solutions for energy consumption management in the private and public sphere based on big data and M2M technologies.

For more information visit http://www.innovative-city.com/fr/