GridPocket is an innovative software-as-a-service solution oriented company focused on development of energy value-added services and platforms for the smart grid utilities. The solutions of GridPocket include applications for energy management, demand response control software, M2M and behavioral experts systems for electricity, water and gaz utilities

GP infoGridPocket distributes its applications through partnerships with energy distributors, ESCOs (energy saving companies), equipment manufacturers and utilities worldwide. The business model of GridPocket. GridPocket’s applications enable end-users to take full control over their energy spending, and reduce their CO2 emissions. 

Moreover, the complete analysis and an oversight over a customer behavior are proposed to energy utilities as a mean to match electricity consumption following peak times and real time electric demands.

The company is actively engaged in several ambitious national and international research projects, as like BigFoot, GreenFeed, IOStack, Premio+ that actively contribute to the development of smart energy use and have brought significant scientifically results.

GridPocket has been recognized by several awards, in 2011 for a project Grid-Teams in behavioral energy efficiency domain “Green digital  growth award”. The GridPocket’s products are distributed to businesses and consumers worldwide and aim to contribute to the energy management system and demand response management.

The key benefits of the GridPocket energy solutions include
•   Demand response management
•   Customer engagement
•   Reduction of CO2 emissions for end-users (individuals or companies) and utilities
•   Customer loyalty tool reducing churn for energy utilities
•   Services revenue streams for energy professionals
•   IOT platform
•   Big data platform

Cooperation with GridPocket

Our business model is B2B2C, White label and SaaS. For more information about cooperation possibilities, contact GridPocket